Buckingham, Browne, and Nichols, Class of 1960 Steve Ziliak and Deirdre on a jazz tour of Chicago, 2010 Deb Pyne Craig Bivens Pat Mosley Judy and Derek Van Hoorn Judy Van Hoorn and Deirdre Derek Van Hoorn Ted Curtis John and Connie Nelson George and Patty Hersh, Kansas Charlie Abbott, Geography, University of Iowa Browne & Nichols class of 1960 Fiona and Sue at Rotterdam, 1996 Grace nee Jessen, Radcliffe Class of '64 Lieke and Frank, Rotterdam Lieke Meijer en Deirdre, 1996 John Nelson with Deirdre after her face lift Sister Marilyn Brinker, with Janie, about 1997 Steve Jones in Auckland Adams House, Class of '64, 35th reunion, 1999 Corine van Dun Joke Wieland, 2006 Jan Wieland and Clariry Polak in Amsterdam Nico Commys Ria Ophof Irene Munoz behind Iowa City house Ria Ophof, Amsterdam 2006	Deirdre in her bunad ([19th-century invented] traditional formal peasant dress in Hardangerfjord, Norway), in July 2014 on MS Lofoten, one of a system of ferries running up and down the coast north of Bergen