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Courses, Spring 2013

For a list of courses frequently taught by Professor McCloskey at UIC see the Teaching section of her CV.

History 594

Seminar on Ideas, Class, and Economy in World History
Tuesdays, 5:00-7:00pm

Reading list

Economics 594

Seminar on Topics in a New and Humanistic Economics
Mondays, 6:00-8:30pm

Reading list

Grad Students: General Info

Information on the Summer School of EDAMBA (European Doctoral Programmes Association for Management and Business Administration), Sorèze, France.

Professor McCloskey's sample topics: (i) The art of writing for academic purposes and (ii) The realm of rhetoric.

"Aunt Deirdre's Quiz on Economical Writing."*

Not so confident about taking the quiz?   Read "Rules of This House," a handout to students in Prof. McCloskey's classes.  For more help see her well-known booklet, Economical Writing.

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Reading Lists and Teaching Documents Archive [docs]

    Annual seminar on economic growth for advanced PhD students in economics, history, and economic history, 2011. Department of Economic History, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  1. Little Lessons in Historiographic Scholarship: Reading Notes on Seven Books on Why the West Grew Rich

    EDAMBA (European Doctoral Programmes Association for Management and Business Administration)

  2. Readings 2011

    Business Ethics

  3. About Business Ethics, 1997
  4. The Ethics of Business, Preliminary Reading List: 1997
  5. The Ethics of Business Course Outline (GB 101 and GN 200), 1995


  6. Communications 594: Economics and Language Reading List, Spring 2012
  7. Communication 594: Economy and Language Reading List (version 1), Spring 2007
  8. Communication 594: Economy and Language Reading List (version 2), Spring 2007
  9. Rough Notes for a Paper on Language and the Economy


  10. Ethics and Economics, Reading List, Erasmusuniversiteit van Rotterdam, 2006


  11. Reasonably Painless Economics: Recommended readings to help an economics student Get It.
  12. Economics 594: Price Theory: A Rewriting of The Applied Theory of Price (1985), Spring 2012
  13. Economics 326: History of Economic Thought, Spring 2010
  14. Economics 553: Economics of Religion, Reading List, Spring 2008
  15. Economics 218, Honors Microeconomics: Theory and Business Applications, Spring 2007
  16. Economics 326: The History of Economic Thought, 2006
  17. Microeconomics 220: Theory and Applications, Spring 2005
  18. Economics 120 Honors Section of Principles of Microeconomics, Fall 2003
  19. Economics and Ethics (graduate course), 1997

    Economic History

  20. "The Cause Was Not Science," from Bourgeois Dignity (2010, ch. 38)
  21. Lecture and Reading List, Denison University, Spring 2000
  22. Bourgeois Virtue and the European Past, a rough draft for an undergraduate course 1999
  23. Economics 263: Graduate Economics History: "The History of the Bourgeoisie," 1997
  24. Bourgeois Virtue, Erasmusuniversiteit van Rotterdam, 1996
  25. "The Good Old Days"
  26. Final Short Essay, University of Iowa


  27. English 585: Economics and Literature, 1600-1871, Spring 2010
  28. English 581: The Text and the Economy: Social Science for Students of the Humanities, Spring 2005
  29. English 581: The Text and the Economy: Social Science for Students of the Humanities, Spring 2004
  30. Economics for Humanists, Spring 2001
  31. English 402: Rhetoric, Fall 2001
  32. The Economics of Gender (Gender and Women's Studies 110 = Economics 110), Fall 2001


  33. History 480: How the West Grew Rich, Spring 2012
  34. History 300: Seminar in Historical Methods, Spring 2010
  35. History 504: Graduate Seminar in The Culture of the Middle Class in Europe, 1600-1848
  36. History 254: Topics in Urban History: The Culture of the Middle Class in Europe, 1600-1848, Spring 2007
  37. History 101, Spring 2005
  38. The Unfinished Case for the Bourgeois Virtues, (draft outline of Bourgeois Towns) Fall 2004
  39. Bourgeois Virtue and the European Past, 2002
  40. History 497, Bourgeois Virtues (vols. 1-4) Topics in Cultural History: Bourgeois Virtue, 2001
  41. History 16E:152 Modern Britain, 1867-present, Spring 1999

A street in Sorèze

EDAMBA Summer Research Academy

(European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration) in Sorèze France, where Deirdre has taught for many years in the month of July.